Step by Step Guide to Perform SQL Password Recovery

STEP 1:Install and Run the Software


STEP 2:Browse to the location where your master.mdf file is located.



STEP 3:Select the mster.mdf file and click the "Open" button.



STEP 4:Choose the compatible SQL Server Version



STEP 5:The software will prompt the user with a message that scanning process is completed. Click "OK".



STEP 6:Now the software will show you detail list of all users.

If password is present for that user it will be denoted with "UNKNOWN"

If the user does not have any kind of password the software will denote it with "Empty".



STEP 7:It is advisable to create a backup of the database and then proceed further.

Checkmark the users for whom you wish to perform the password recovery process. Click "Reset".

A pop-up message will display. Click "Yes" to proceed further.



STEP 8:The software will set an empty password field for the selected user. A success message will get displayed. Click "Ok".



STEP 9:Now you can login into SQL Server without the need of password.