Check Out How You Can Fix SQL Server Database Errors with SQL Database Fix Tool

STEP 1:First of all, to begin the process to Fix SQL Server database, you need to initialize the SQL database fix tool that can be initialized easily from (Windows Start Menu» All Programs)

Select SQL Database Fix Tool


STEP 2:After initialization of SQL recovery tool, you will get a screen in front of you and you need to click on 'Open' button in that screen to browse damaged MDF file.


Browse damaged MDF file to fix SQL database issues


STEP 3:Select damaged MDF file and click on Open button.


Browse MDF file


STEP 4:After selection of MDF file, the software will provide the option to select version of MS SQL Server and you need to select SQL Server version (2008, 2005 or 2000) to proceed for recovery.


Select SQL Server Version


STEP 5:Click “NDF Options” for adding NDF files.


Select SQL version of MDF file


STEP 6:Import NDF files and click on Open button.


Select SQL version of MDF file


STEP 7:After selection of MDF file and NDF files, the software will begin scanning process and will show MDF details on your computer screen. In details you will get to see the total number of read pages, database name, database version, total tables, total views, total stored procedures, total rules, total triggers and total functions.


Start Scanning Process to fix SQL Server database errors


STEP 8:After completion of scanning process, the software will ask you to save scanned file. If you want to save scanned file in .str file format then, you have to click on 'Yes' otherwise click on 'No'


Save Recovered Data in str format


STEP 9:If you will click 'Yes' then, the software will ask you to select a location to save STR file. After this, when you will save the scanned file in STR file format.


Save .str file


STEP 10:The software will show all recovered items like Triggers, Views, Tables, etc on your computer screen.


Save Recovered Data & See the preview


STEP 11:After previewing, you have to click on 'Export' button to save the recovered items of MS SQL Server database as MDF file or SQL Compatible script file.


Click on Export option to save MDF file data


STEP 12:After choosing the relevant saving option, you have to fill mandatory fields and click on 'Export/Save' button to finish recovery process.


Save MDF file data directly in SQL Server