Complete Step-By-Step Guide for SQL Corrupt Backup Recovery

STEP 1:Download and Run SQL Backup Recovery Software. The First interface will look like this :


STEP 2:In the toolbar section, click on "Load" button.



STEP 3:A screen will pop-up. Provide location of your corrupt backup database (.bak) in it. Click "Open" button after providing the path.



STEP 4:Choose the version of your SQL Server Application.



STEP 5:Choose the restoring point and then click "Recover".



STEP 6:The software then will start the Repair and Recovery Process over the database. Wait for the Process completion.

Once the process is completed the software will show you the Recovery Report.

Click "close" button to proceed further.



STEP 7:The software will take you to the Explorer View where you can see your entire database component. To know further about the component click any of them (e.g. Tables).



STEP 8:To Save or directly deploy the recovered database in SQL Server, click "Export" button provided in toolbar section.



STEP 9:Choose the "SQL Server database" radio button if you wish to deploy the recovered database immediately over the SQL Server. Or

Choose "SQL Server Compatible SQL Script" radio button if you wish to save the recovered database instead.

In the lower right of the screen, you will find "Export" category, in that two radio buttons are provided. Select the one that meet your specific requirement.

For Example if you have selected specific tables to deploy over the database then choose "With only schema" radio button, otherwise choose "With Schema and Data".



STEP 10:Hit "Export/Save" button to proceed.



STEP 11:In the next screen Specify if you wish to deploy the "Deleted Records" as well.



STEP 12:Wait for the completion of the process, and then click close.