Know How Fix SQL Server 2005 Page Header Corruption

Choose SQL Recovery tool and fix SQL Server 2005 database corruption from root. SQL user can fix sql server 2005 suspect database and fix SQL Database in an efficient manner from corrupted SQL server.

SQL Server Database Corruption Can't Be Prevented but, It Can Be Repaired

Not one or two but, many SQL Server database corruption issues get seen discussed commonly on forums, blogs, etc. And, here also we have discussed about one of those severe corruption issues i.e. SQL Server page header corruption, which is small by name but, leads to many problematic issues for MS SQL Server users. We have discussed about the affects of this corruption issue and possible ways by which users can repair it and prevent data loss.

Among many SQL Server editions, SQL Server 2005 gets popularly used, so we have related the problem with SQL Server 2005 and made it as How to Fix SQL Server 2005 Page Header Corruption.

About MS SQL Server Database Page Header Corruption

When SQL user runs DBCC CHECKDB on MS SQL Server database, it shows errors on database pages and these errors occur due to corruption in page headers. When corruption in database page headers takes place, the entire database stored in those pages becomes inaccessible and information loss situation comes up. One of the errors, which show corruption in SQL database page headers, is noted below:
“Msg 8939, Level 16, State 98, Line 1”
“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, partition PA_ID, alloc unit ID AU_ID, page P_ID, Test (TEST) failed”

Possible Ways to Fix SQL Server 2005 Page Header Corruption
There two possible ways to fix SQL Server 2005 page header corruption and this above mentioned error message. Either you can restore database from updated backup or you can use SQL Recovery tool to Repair SQL Server 2005 and for fixing the database corruption. The first situation will not work if you don’t have updated backup available but, second will work even if you don’t have updated backup available. You can easily Fix SQL Server Database corruption with this SQL database recovery tool.

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